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Lindsay Littleson

lindsay-littleson-bio-photoLindsay Littleson has four grown-up (ish) children and lives in the village of Uplawmoor near Glasgow. Her younger son is studying drama and Lindsay is unfailingly supportive, not wanting to repeat her faux pas of nearly thirty years ago when she tried to talk a young Ewan McGregor out of becoming an actor.  She’s a full-time primary teacher and loves her job. Before becoming a teacher she spent eight years as possibly the worst PAYE auditor ever to be employed by the Inland Revenue.

In 2014 she began writing for children and won the Kelpies Prize for her first children’s novel The Mixed Up Summer of Lily McLean. The sequel, The Awkward Autumn of Lily McLean, is being published by Floris Books in March this year.

As a child Lindsay developed a keen interest in the past, thanks to the Ladybird Adventures from History series. If only she’d held on to all those early editions…

In 2015 her WW1 novel Shell Hole was shortlisted for the Dundee Great War Children’s Book Prize and she enjoyed engaging in research so much that she was inspired to write another historical novel, A Pattern of Secrets, this time focusing on her local area.



It’s been another exciting week at Cranachan HQ!

We’re very proud to reveal the striking cover design for The Revenge of Tirpitz by Michelle Sloan. It’s one of our Yesteryear titles of children’s historical fiction novels and is a thrilling WW2 story of the sinking of the warship Tirpitz.

Here’s a wee teaser…

“We know what you did. We know where you are. Tirpitz will have her revenge”.

Who wouldn’t want to read this dramatic tale of two boys, two countries and one mission?

We were aiming for a cinematic feel for the cover as we can easily imagine the scenes being played out on the big screen. But don’t wait for the film to be made of the book, get your hands on a copy when it’s published on 24th August!

TROT eBook cover FINAL



Ross Sayers

Ross Sayers Bio PhotoRoss studied English in his hometown of Stirling. Not content with the one graduation, he completed a Masters in Creative Writing the following year. His stories and poems have featured in magazines such as Octavius and Quotidian. Ross also tried his hand at acting in the university’s Drama Society, which gave him valuable life experience at being an extra with no lines.

One of his short stories, Dancin’, was used on West College Scotland’s Higher English course. He only found out after a student tweeted him requesting a copy of the story so she could finish her essay.

Ross mainly reads contemporary and literary fiction, and loves it when a writer remembers to include an interesting plot. He heartily endorses not finishing books which bore you.

While researching Mary’s the Name in Portree, gift shop employees excitedly mistook him for Daniel Radcliffe; Ross had to burst their bubble. But at a football match in London, he agreed to have his photo taken with a wee boy, who believed he was Harry Potter, to save any tears or tantrums.


Result of our Road Trips

FullSizeRenderOver the last few months, on our mission to publish books which excite and inspire us, the Cranachan car has taken us on several road trips to meet authors. The miles clocked up were well worth it as we’re thrilled to have signed three talented authors – from Scotland, England and Ireland.

Our Scottish author is Ross Sayers, whose book, Mary’s the Name, will be published by us early in February 2017. His novel is a heart-warming coming of age story set in Portree on the Isle of Skye.  Narrated by 8-year-old Mary, we follow her tale of family, friendship, and even armed robbers. You can find out more about Ross on our Authors page and we’ll be sharing news of Mary’s the Name as we build up to publication.

Egg-citing News This Easter!

Another week means another announcement! Hot on Helen’s heels, we couldn’t wait any longer to tell you all about our latest addition to Clan Cranachan. John K Fulton, winner of the Great War Dundee Children’s Book Prize, had his first book The Wreck of the Argyll published by Freight. We are thrilled to bits that John’s second book, The Beast on the Broch will be published under our Pokey Hat imprint, as part of the Yesteryear historical fiction series. We can’t wait to ‘unleash the beast’ later on in the year! (The book that is, not John! 😀 )